You have registered a BROWUSE account, what’s next? It is a very good question to answer? Because very often we have a weird feeling that we do not know what to do and what advantages we have actually obtained.

We do not want our users to feel uncomfortable and of course we do not want them to waste their time, so we are going to discuss this issue in our article. Hope it will be helpful and interesting to you.


The first step of becoming a member of BROWUSE family and an online merchant is the registration of a member account. It is very simple, because there are no obligations or special requirements. Anyone can use BROWUSE for free for 2 months starting from the registration date. It is enough to provide your name, surname (or company name) and email account.

Account registration means something more with BROWUSE, because you are not just registering the account you are creating your website. Several steps should be completed.

1. Filling out the registration form

2. Selecting design (a website theme)

3. Choosing languages (language of a website and language of an admin panel)

4. Validating your email account


When validation is done your account is registered and the installation of Magento, website theme and language packages start. It can take several minutes after that a letter with access details is sent to the confirmed email account, which contains the following information.

Site link – an internal link to your website at;

Site admin link – a link to your Magento admin panel;

Admin username and admin password – the login information to get access to your Magento admin panel;

FTP, FTP Username, FTP Password – the information required to get access to files of your website stored at Browuse servers.

In order to setup FTP connection is enough to have Total Commander installed. You need to press Ctrl+N and submit the information provided in the letter into the form that will open. Those who would like to learn more about the first changes that should be done through your Magento admin panel and read about it in our previous article called “How To Start Customization Of Your Online Shop”.


So what advantages does your business obtain from BROWUSE? BROWUSE is an ecommerce software that adapts Magento the needs of small businesses. Users can benefit from numerous modulea and extensions and they do not need to bother with the technical side of the issue. BROWUSE offers many other benefits to its clients:

1. hosting and unlimited email accounts (the amount of a disk space provided is much higher in comparison with other hosting providers);

2. custom domain name

3. multiple stores Enough?

But is not all yet. Have a look at a full set of BROWUSE features.