In our previous article we discussed the problem of website building, today the costs can be significantly reduced due to a great amount of the modern services that provide technical support for your business, for instance, BROWUSE (refer to the full text of the article for the details).

Now the question is what to do when you have an online shop. It is very important to understand how to increase the amount of repeat purchases, how not only to attract customers, but to keep them purchasing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of sending emails to customers in order to inform them about your business updates, promotions or discounts that could encourage them to make a purchase. You can send several types of emails. Lets have a closer look at them.

Informational Emails

When you receive new products do not hesitate to share this information with your clients. Even if they do not need it now they will keep in mind that you have it and wherever they need it your shop will be the first on their list.

Discount Emails

You can consider the idea of creating a system of discounts for your permanent customer. The best option is to send an email with a promotional coupon for some products that you want to sell.

Congratulation Emails

Do not forget to congratulate your customers on different holidays and share with them the ideas of possible presents for their family and friends attaching different promotion and discount coupons to it. Also, it is very important to congratulate customers on their birthdays. It shows that you monitor the information about your customers and it shows that you value your clients.


It is very important to communicate with your customers. It is impossible to avoid mistakes, but it is possible to solve them and it is necessary to be in the constant process of improvement and development. You also need to be aware of the fact that clients are more likely to return and to buy again if you fix some things they are not satisfied with in their favor. So send emails asking for a feedback or make some polls and questionnaires on your website.

Thank you

When the order is completed it is recommended to send a thank you note. You can find some creative ways to do it. There are a lot of cute pictures, GIFs, etc. Also, you can invite people to visit your website once again.


If you want to have a profitable online shop you need to communicate with your clients. You need to take into account their tastes and feedbacks, you need to be ready to change and to solve problems whenever they occur. Never hesitate to share the information with them, even if they do not need your goods at this certain moment they will remember about you and they are more likely to make a repeat purchase.