It is not enough just to drive traffic to an online store, because even if you have several thousand visitors per day, but your conversion rate is 1-2% it is most likely that you will not be able to have a profitable business. Are you interested in the most common mistakes of merchants that do not allow them to decrease the amount of unfinished purchases? Then keep on reading.

Hidden Fees

Sometimes online retailers make a mistake of not adding shipping fees to the total amount at the very beginning and later customers refuse buying goods because of that. So it is very important to keep your customers informed.

Technical issues

An online store should be optimized and neat. A webstore is a complicated system that has a lot of various features (like products previewing, orders placing and management, payments processing and more) and all of them should function properly, because customers will simply get tired of errors and they will not be concentrated on purchases. You need to value your time and the time of your visitors (check out our previous article in order to learn more about the components of an online shop).

Browsing without a Purpose

There is a certain category of website visitors who do not have a direct intention to buy anything, but merchants have a chance to make a return visitors category or even buyers. They need to get their email in order to have a connection with them. So it is reasonable to add some kind of landing pages where people are suggested leaving their emails.

Unique Products

Your goods should be unique in terms of quality, price or at least description. Nowadays it is very difficult to find some products that are 100% unique, popular and do not have any alternatives. Handmade items seem to be an exception. Online sellers should do their best to provide catchy descriptions that will persuade visitors to make a purchase.


It is very difficult to say what the reasons of unfinished purchases in every specific case are, but merchants need to do their best in order to decrease their amount and make their business more profitable and successful. Do not forget to highlight the total price in order not to have surprises, create unique and detailed descriptions of products, solve technical problems whenever they occur and stay in touch with your clients.