Holidays are coming and it is high time for online retailers to prepare their shops for holiday sales. You will not be surprised by the fact that the majority of people buy presents in online stores. So what should you do in order to increase the amount of goods sold during this period?

We are going to describe several techniques that can be used by online store owners. Of course it is impossible to say which one is going to be the most effective for your specific business, because you need to take into account the sphere you are operating in, the preferences and age of your customer and for sure local customs and traditions. But everything is just the matter of testing you can try the offered options and find methods suitable for you.

1. Update the home page of your website. Create a holiday mood

The home page is the first page displayed to visitors and it depends very much on this page whether they are going to stay on your website and as a result buy something or simply leave it without any engagement. First of all it is important to add some holiday design elements: banners, buttons, questionnaires, etc. Or you can simply change the pictures of the slider on the home page if you have one.

Have a look at all products that are available in your shop and select the ones that seem to be great presents for holidays and place them on the home page. You can either choose one product and create a focus on it or provide several options to your visitors. It is going to depend very much on the types of products you sell, as it has already been said.

2. Modify the headlines

Headlines can work as calls-to-action during the holiday period, you just need to paraphrase them and add there word combinations like: a perfect present for; everyone will be happy to get; the best Christmas present; a unique present, etc. It may require some time and creativity, but it will motivate people to buy, because there are a lot of cases when they are looking for interesting presents and not some exact products and you give them ideas what can be bought and explain why it is a great thing to be presented.

3. Social media post

It seems to be a reasonable decision to increase their amount before holidays. You need to use pictures and #-tags connected with holidays (e.g. #newyearpresents, #christmaspresents, #Christmas, etc.). People are very likely to look for ideas on social media, so be sure that at least several posts of yours will appear when they search.

4. Email marketing

It is a traditional marketing tool and the importance of it should not be underestimated. Emails are direct communication with your customers and mostly these are people who have already made a purchase on your website at least once. You can not just offer them the options of presents for their families, relatives, friends, but provide them with discount coupons (by the way this functionality is supported by Magento, so you will to have to do much to add this feature to your shop during holidays time). It will be a significant motivation for them to come to your website and have a look at your products.


Owners of ecommerce websites have a lot of work during holidays, because they need to create effective marketing strategies that will persuade people to buy presents in their shops. We decorate everything in traditional shops in order to have Christmas mood, so why not use this principle for online stores. Be creative and increase your sales. Browuse Team wishes you happy holidays and great sales!