In one of our previous articles, we discussed Magneto, its advantages and disadvantages. And now we will try to answer the question why it is a reasonable decision for small businesses to select Magento.

Magento For Developing Businesses

We always need to think about the future when we start our business, because it can save a lot of time and resources. This rule should also be applied to website building. It seems that it is better to select as flexible solution as possible in order to have an opportunity to add the required extensions at any point. Magento is considered to be the most versatile and scalable e-commerce platform due to its open source nature. Actually, this fact provides two main advantages. First, it is free of charge. Second, new features can be added easily. There are a lot of free packages that you can utilize in order to reach your marketing and SEO goals. It means that your chances to make your online store successful and profitable increase significantly. So it is not surprising that Magneto is the 3rd the most widely used e-commerce software among online entrepreneurs in the US and Canada.

Magento For Small Businesses and Startups

Very often small and startup businesses choose e-commerce software that is “less complicated”, because users might have problems with Magento installation and administration. That is why, they need to hire a developer who will setup and support a website for them and it is not always convenient. Also, not all serves can host Magento websites. Nowadays all these problems are solved by a Magento based service called BROWUSE.

The following features are provided in one package: website hosting, Magento installation, website theme setup, e-mail accounts creating, unlimited access to source files, custom and internal domain name, multiple stores, etc. It means that small businesses can start with a Magento online store and build it without any assistance. In practice they select the design and click “install”, it takes something like 2-3 minutes for the installation to be completed. And a basic Magento online store is ready.

Later you are free to add any extensions required and you will not have to migrate from one platform to another. If you are interested in the website themes offered by BROWUSE you can have a look at them here.