We understand that it is impossible to have a profitable online shop without the right promotion. In the majority of sources, you will find the information on the paid campaigns and their effectiveness. Of course, this option allows you to achieve significant results within a short period, but we need something to start with and not always, our budget presupposes paid advertisements. We would like to share with you some free solutions that can help you to promote your online business.

Online Directories

Register your website in online directories. This is the place where your potential clients can find you. Also, it helps to improve SEO while it increases the amount of backlinks. Do not forget to submit as much information as possible: website name, description, meta keywords, business address, etc. We would recommend you to start with the following directories: Google Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Yahoo Local, Merchant Circle. You can try to find some more local options that are used by customers in your location. It can be done easily, just specify the location in your search query.

Social Networks

Social Media is a great tool that is probably used by every business nowadays and it is not surprising. Social Networks allow us to connect with people of the same industry, to tell people about our updates, promotions, sales, etc. You can start with four basic social networks: FB, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

YouTube is a separate story, it is considered to be the most searched directory in the USA and other countries. What is more, it is recommended to have videos with texts that include your target keywords, because Google can decode and index this information, so do not lose the opportunity to benefit from it.

Blogging Platforms

You can find a lot of external resources where blogs can be registered. It is an additional source of backlinks and it is an additional source for communication. You just need to write interesting and unique articles describing your products, their usefulness and the advantages of your online shop. Here are some platforms for you: Blogger, Medium, Hubpages, Live Journal, etc.

Forums and QA Websites

Very often people ask for help at different forums and question-answer (QA) websites, you can communicate with people there and tell them about your business. But remember that main purpose is to help and not to promote. Articles It is very popular to have a blog at a website. It provides the opportunity to add new content regularly (it is very useful for SEO) and it increases the level of trust. Visitors see that the website is “alive” and people take care of it and try to keep it interesting and up-to-date.

E-mail Marketing

You should try to encourage people to subscribe to your news and updates (and a blog can be very helpful in this case). E-mail campaigns are the direct communication with potential clients and they are a great source of the referral traffic. You can have a look at the following e-mail marketing services: MailChimp, UniSEnder, SmartResponder, etc.

These are some tips that you can use in order to start your business promotion. The best option is to combine them with the paid advertisements in order to catalyze the process. So be creative and do not be afraid to start your business.