A domain name is a very important component of your online shop, because it is the thing people are going to associate your business with. If not to go deep into technical details a domain name is the URL that we see in our browser, it is the name of a website which usually either repeats the name of the brand or turns into the name of the brand. It should be unique, short, easy to remember and descriptive.

Previously it was much easier to select a domain name, but today many of them are already occupied, so business owners need to be really creative in order to find a domain name that will work for them. Here are some techniques that might be used in the process of domain name selecting.

Keywords/Word Combinations

It is probably one of the most old methods of domain names creating. You just take a typical keyword (search query) used by customers when they want to buy products from your sector and apply it as your domain name. This technique is not very effective because this name is not brandable, but it can be utilized when we talk about some secondary website that are built in order to promote your primary website.


Abbreviations are a great tool, because in this case a domain originates from the full name of your business, but it is much shorter and can be remembered by users. Also, it should be easy to pronounce, if it’s not it is better to keep looking for the other option. A good example is that stands for Disney Community of Tomorrow.


Clipping is the process of word shortening. Some syllables are omitted in order to get a new word which will be unconsciously associated with its full form. As an example we can take a well known brand Asus, it originates from the word Pegasus (a name of the antique winged horse).


Blending presupposes uniting of two words into one. Definitely a word combination describing the essence of your business can be pointed out and then you can try to combine parts of these words into one and as a result you will have a unique domain name. Browuse, for example, is created from the word combination “browser in use”.


Sometimes suffixes or prefixes can be added to the word in order to obtain a new name which will be more melodic. Also, these parts give some emotionally colored meaning to the word. It can be illustrated by the domain name of the flat booking service

Words From Other Languages

There are a lot of interesting and meaningful words in different languages that you can use in order to characterize your business. There is hardly a person who hasn’t heard about Ubuntu. And this word is used in Southern Africa to describe the concept of “human kindness”, “humanity towards others”.

Proper Names

Very often names of companies, names and surnames of founders are used as brand names. It is also a great idea, because this name will be unique and it can help to increase the level of trust to a certain business. The Dell company is a bright example of this technique in action.

Domain Name Generators

Of course, there are services that are ready to solve this problem for you. They are called domain name generators. Here are the most popular ones:


The most important thing is to be creative. Your domain name should reflect the essence of your business and highlight its advantages. Use as much time as you need in order to find the right name.