You have registered a BROWUSE account, what’s next? It is a very good question to answer? Because very often we have a weird feeling that we do not know what to do and what advantages we have actually obtained.

We do not want our users to feel uncomfortable and of course we do not want them to waste their time, so we are going to discuss this issue in our article. Hope it will be helpful and interesting to you.

Ecommerce is popular all around the globe and it is not a secret that the majority of online stores have their customers in different countries, so the concept of multilingual shops is getting more and more relevant. It might seem difficult from the first glance, but the things are not that complicated when we talk about Magento and Browuse. Interested? Keep on reading. Browuse has added a new feature – automatic language pack installation. So how does it work?

In a new year we decided to start new series of articles on Magento. Together we are going to figure out step by step how to build an online store, how to make it user friendly, responsive and simply good looking. We will prove that Magento is flexible and not complicated, you can o everything on your own. So let’s start. Today we would like to talk about changing basic configuration of your online store. It is the first thing that should be done.

Holidays are coming and it is high time for online retailers to prepare their shops for holiday sales. You will not be surprised by the fact that the majority of people buy presents in online stores. So what should you do in order to increase the amount of goods sold during this period?

We are going to describe several techniques that can be used by online store owners.

It is not enough just to drive traffic to an online store, because even if you have several thousand visitors per day, but your conversion rate is 1-2% it is most likely that you will not be able to have a profitable business. Are you interested in the most common mistakes of merchants that do not allow them to decrease the amount of unfinished purchases? Then keep on reading.

In our previous article we discussed the problem of website building, today the costs can be significantly reduced due to a great amount of the modern services that provide technical support for your business, for instance, BROWUSE (refer to the full text of the article for the details).

Now the question is what to do when you have an online shop. It is very important to understand how to increase the amount of repeat purchases, how not only to attract customers, but to keep them purchasing.

No matter what type of business you have you need to build a website. It can be an informational website, a business website or an ecommerce website, for instance. If you decide to build your website from scratch the cost will be 00 - 00 or even more depending on the functionality your business requires.

A domain name is a very important component of your online shop, because it is the thing people are going to associate your business with. If not to go deep into technical details a domain name is the URL that we see in our browser, it is the name of a website which usually either repeats the name of the brand or turns into the name of the brand. It should be unique, short, easy to remember and descriptive.

In one of our previous articles, we discussed Magneto, its advantages and disadvantages. And now we will try to answer the question why it is a reasonable decision for small businesses to select Magento. Read the full article in order to make the decision wether the suggested solutions meet the requirements of your business.

We understand that it is impossible to have a profitable online shop without the right promotion. In the majority of sources, you will find the information on the paid campaigns and their effectiveness. Of course, this option allows you to achieve significant results within a short period, but we need something to start with and not always, our budget presupposes paid advertisements. We would like to share with you some free solutions that can help you to promote your online business.